Dr. Oz began his show with a bold introduction of a new product, one that “we have never talked about before... one of the most important discoveries” for the world of weight loss. He explains, “the Green Coffee Bean Extract!” In front of his audience, Dr. Oz introduces this new ingredient that provides all natural, fat-burning power. The Green Coffee Bean offers a variety of benefits..





 100% NATURAL!


Also referred to as GCE, the Green Coffee Extract is an all-natural remedy for weight loss. Its powers lay within its raw seeds. The seeds, technically small beans, come from the Coffea fruit which are ground into capsule form. It is key that the seeds are raw for them to withhold their nutrients. If ground and roasted into coffee, they lose their potential for weight loss. Dr. Oz explained to his audience, “its fat burning properties are DESTROYED [if] roasted!” So, despite popular belief, the Green Coffee Bean Extract is far different that enjoying a cup of coffee.

WHAT MAKES IT WORK? Many people think that since it is a coffee bean, its powers must come from caffeine. However, this is not true. Dr. Oz explained that this ingredient is “nearly caffeine free.” There is a small amount of natural caffeine substance in the GCE, but not nearly enough to effect weight loss. None of Dr. Oz’s trials showed any sign of side-effects from caffeine.

What ACTUALLY makes the Green Coffee Extract work is the antioxidants found within the GCE beans. The antioxidants work to “melt away your fat” says Dr. Oz. There is a specific antioxidant called chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is naturally produced in plants which helps with preventing excess fat. When glucose is in the bloodstream, it will usually change to fat. However, with the chlorogenic acid, the glucose does not filtrate as fast into the system thus prevented excess fat.

Additionally, many doctors have verified that the chlorogenic acid helps in the liver to metabolize fat. Better fat metabolization means that less fat settles in your midsection and other parts of the body. These ways that the GCE help with weight loss are completely natural - providing a slimmer waistline at a healthy pace and with no side effects.

Something important to understand when choosing a GCE supplement is that “not all ingredients are created equal” as Dr. Oz likes to say. Svetol® is the leading Green Coffee Bean ingredient because of its top-quality extraction method and exceptional nutritional grade. It is the most pure Green Coffee Bean you can find; it contains no artificial binders or fillers. The extraction method the growers use for Svetol® is unlike other GCE products - allowing Svetol® to contain the best bioavailability of the nutrients and antioxidants.

Similar to comparing a designer handbag to a generic knock-off, there are many “knock-off” or generic alternatives to Svetol®. These products may work okay, just like a knock-off handbag will still carry your wallet, but their level of quality is significantly less. Some generic GCE ingredients have negative side effects because they contain cafestol and kahweol, however, the Svetol® blend has carefully prevented these in their formula. Also, only Svetol® uses the prime Coffea Caephore Robusta plant for its extract; others will rely on a generic plant that does not contain as high nutrient density. For the best results, with the most nutrients, always look for a product with a high level of pure Svetol® included!

There have been six recent studies on Svetol® which proved its reliability in clinical research. When put to the test against generic GCE products, Svetol® was clearly the lead in most weight loss and best improvement to body composition. This is why Svetol® is the top-recommended type of GCE ingredient extract!

DR. OZ’S TV STUDY With the Green Coffee Bean Extract, Dr. Oz tried something completely new and never seen before on his show. He performed his own GCE study on television using his studio audience. “The results are in” he explains, “almost 100 people participated.” Dr. Oz provided his audience with either the GCE extract or a placebo pill. All the women, ages 35-49, returned with their results at the conclusion of the two weeks on their given supplement. He compared the results of the placebo takers to those who took the 400 mg, three times daily dose of GCE. Both groups kept a food journal recording what they ate every day and both groups maintained the same level of exercise and exercise that they had before. The audience, both groups, lost a collective amount of 123 pounds in two weeks! The audience was shocked and amazed that so much had been lost... WITHOUT adding dieting or exercise!

Dr. Oz spoke with several individuals in the 100-person audience about their experiences. One woman reported losing nearly four pounds after two weeks of the Green Coffee Extract!  She explained to Dr. Oz how great it was to see those results with NO changes to her eating habits and lifestyle. All it took was the daily recommended dose of GCE that resulted in three inches off her waist... in two weeks!

Most of the women in Dr. Oz’s study lost around 1-3 pounds in the two-week study. This is a healthy rate that will allow your body to process the changes and not fight it. Experts have said that healthy weight loss occurs at about one pound per week. The key is consistent, small levels of weight loss over a long period of time. Doing it slowly allows your body to process the changes and you won’t run the risk of gaining it all back as soon as you finish the GCE supplements. Dr. Oz warns against “extreme weight-loss” diets - they can be harmful to your health and hard on the body.  

CAN I BENEFIT? The Green Coffee Bean Extract is recommended to any healthy adult over the age of 18. It has helped thousands of people from young adulthood to middle-age and onward. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take this or any unprescribed dietary supplement. Those who have any sort of diagnosed condition or illness should speak with a physician before starting GCE to make sure it is compatible. Take no more than the recommended dosage of 800 mg daily with first consulting a physician.

The name  “Svetol” or Green Coffee Extract is clearly marked. 

Clear description of the Supplement Facts and ingredients available on the website.

Contains 45% chlorogenic acid per suggestion of Dr. Oz. 800 mg daily dosage.

Watch out for scams! Dr. Oz endorses INGREDIENTS, not PRODUCTS.


It is strongly recommended by Dr. Oz that all those who take the GCE also keep record of a Food Journal. In the study that Dr. Oz performed, even people who did NOT take a dietary supplement experienced weight loss when they carefully wrote down their meals and snacks every day. You can record the amount of calories in your meals, which is a beneficial tool to prevent overeating. Doing both - the Green Coffee Bean Extract AND food journal has the potential to DOUBLE WEIGHT LOSS! So grab a pen and paper to make this happen - today!


Like Dr. Oz often says, "Not all ingredients are created equal!". Finding a reliable supplement is absolutely critical if you want to experience REAL results, NO side effects, and a reasonable price. Always check the ingredients listed, because many products use artificial fillers and binders rather than 100% real Green Coffee Bean. When an artificial substitute is used, the results are simply not as effective. Check the ingredients list before purchasing any supplement to make sure the ingredients inside are REAL and with a quantity high enough to actually make an effect. You wouldn't want a "watered-down" solution standing in your way of weight loss, would you?

Here we have the GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT, which is number one for GCE supplements and guaranteed weight loss. It is a reliable brand that will never leave you dissapointed. The ingredients are pure Green Coffee Bean Extract and you won't find any unneccesary "fillers" to water-down the solution. It's an effective supplement that has been tried and tested by many users. Additionally, if you are unsatsified for ANY reason, the Green Coffee Bean Extract has a reliable, flexible return-policy to fall back on!

WITH PURE SVETOL® Did you read above about the benefits that Svetol® has for a GCE supplement? Simply put, the results you experience when the GCE supplement contains Svetol® are unmatchable to any of the "generic" Green Coffee ingredients. It's made possible by the premium extraction method they use which helps retain the MOST nutrients in each bean. This Green Coffee Bean Extract contains Svetol® so you're results will be the best they can be!

HOW IT WORKS With a highly condensed formula, this GCE supplement is powerful with the nutrient-dense capsule. It's loaded with antioxidants that make it possible to experience real weight loss. This happens because the antioxidant known as chlorogenic acid prevents fat build-up via glucose release in the bloodstream. Basically, if there's less sugar.. there's less fat. Chlorogenic acid acts as a fat metabolizer in the liver, as well. There is unlimited potential for weight loss with the Green Coffee Bean Extract! And remember, if you're not 100% satisfied - our Money-back Guarantee is there for you. So what's there to lose? Try the affordable, reliable Green Coffee Bean Extract today!



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